An experienced
tight-knit team

About Sandbox

Sandbox is a Sydney-based studio designing human-centred services. We believe in the role that design can play in keeping the rapid pace of technological and social change centred on human needs.

Josephine, Ellie and Tim working at a whiteboard.

Our People

Sandbox remains small by design. This allows us to be hands on, efficient and always striving to produce our best work. Our secret sauce is in the way we bring our complementary skills together to deliver sophisticated solutions for clients.

Tim Collier

Managing Director

Tim is a Service Designer with deep business expertise and is a former equity analyst. Tim is passionate about people and purpose driven organisations.


Josephine Gianni

Innovation Director

Josephine is an award-winning Designer with global experience applying Service and Strategic design at companies such as IDEO (USA) and Nokia (Finland/Global).


Ellie Nicol

Design Director

Ellie is a Service Designer with visual communication and digital design qualifications. Ellie's experience includes design consulting, teaching and in-house roles.


Our Approach

We tailor our approach to fit the unique needs of the project and organisation, however we always apply the following principles:

01. Human-centred above all else

In every project, design decisions are informed by deeply understanding the customer. We search for the key insight that unlocks successful service interactions between people and organisations.

02. Align people around prototypes

As designers, we are always solution oriented. Wherever possible we use prototyping to sharpen our thinking, improve communication and strengthen feedback.

03. Prioritise positive impact

Now more than ever we are compelled to consider how services will impact all members of society and the planet. We aim to embed ethics and sustainability at the core of service design.

04. Fit for purpose

By taking the time to understand the organisation, we design with customer, business and internal audience needs in mind. This ensures that solutions are accepted, adopted and delivered.

05. Transparent and collaborative

Our projects are a partnership. We bring our expertise and we ask that you bring yours. We believe that thorny challenges are best solved collaboratively.

06. People over process

We believe that quality outcomes require both aptitude and experience. It's more than just following steps in a process. We combine skills and maturity on each design team to deliver quality insight and innovation.