Strategic Design

Setting a vision for how businesses transact with Government

Digital Transformation Agency

Fragmentation across Government digital services means that the experience of citizens interacting with Government online is often inconsistent. For businesses, identity verification and authentication across the range of Government services is a particular pain point that discourages many from doing more business with Government online.


A single digital identity service for businesses to interact securely and conveniently with Government

Recognising the challenge of aligning different government departments, the DTA hired Sandbox to bring to life a user centred vision for a whole of government business identity service that all stakeholders could get behind.


Developing a user-centred design strategic vision

Sandbox spent time with all sizes and shapes of businesses to gain insight into the spectrum of digital identity needs and practices. For example, we observed that some small business owners don’t distinguish between their personal and business digital identity, while this is not the case for employees of larger businesses. By bringing the future to life for business users we were able to define the required features of a target state service. We developed design principles and distinct user flows to resolve the tension between security and convenience across differing user groups.

“All businesses are different. You don’t want to be forced into one way of doing things”

Business user

“If I could access everything from one place it would be a lot easier”

Business user

A new business identity service model aligned stakeholders around a shared future

The creation of a service blueprint and digital prototypes described the essential components of a business identity service and the required user experience. Armed with a compelling vision, the DTA was able to build support for a whole of government solution from key stakeholder groups and move the idea forward.

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