Concept Development

Helping teachers adapt to hybrid classrooms


Rapid technological and social change is creating both opportunities and challenges for educators globally. TAFE NSW's Connected Learning Centres are new digitally enabled classrooms in regional areas where students attend classes often facilitated remotely by teachers. The new delivery model presents unique logistical challenges that can be unexpected for teachers accustomed to traditional classroom teaching.


Overcoming the practical challenges of blending in-person and virtual teaching

Sandbox worked with TAFE NSW to develop and test a concept for an informational guide to support teachers in the transition to a new way of working.


Exploring a range of solutions helped define best practice

By spending time with teachers with various levels of experience navigating the new delivery model, we discovered the heightened importance of early planning and set up. Teachers found they needed extra time to adapt learning resources, book and arrange materials for multiple locations, manage student expectations and prepare themselves to mitigate technical issues remotely.

We tested multiple sketch concepts for information, illustrations and layouts designed to communicate these new ways of working. We learned that teachers responded best to visual information that saved them time and minimised trial and error.

“With Connected Learning you can’t just roll in at 9am and send your stuff to the printer”


“This guide shows that remote delivery is more about logistics and forward planning than what teachers are used to”


Giving teachers confidence to adapt to a new way of working

Sandbox mapped a best practice workflow as a set of 10 steps to implement a course in Connected Learning Centres. The new workflow was set out in a succinct, shareable document using illustration, colour systems and information design elements to help teachers quickly grasp where and how their approach should adapt to the new delivery environment.

The guide was in place to assist educators and students as they navigated the roll out of Connected Learning Centres.

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