Strategic Design

Envisioning the future of merchant payments


The payments industry has an ever growing long tail of nimble, tech-forward competitors. With changes in regulation and technological advancements, Westpac wanted to explore bold new futures to inform decisions about investment, acquisition and its role as an incumbent in a growing ecosystem.


Innovative strategies to stay ahead of rapid digital disruption

Through a strategic design process, we collaborated with Westpac and merchant customers – from small businesses through to international institutions, to envision the future of payment product, platform and service solutions.


Identifying the big opportunities

Sandbox used emerging trends and technologies to imagine and mock up future state merchant services. Helping merchants touch and feel possible futures gave us first hand insight into core needs and opportunities for innovation.

Across all sizes and types of organisations, including charities, family-run retail stores or major fast food providers, merchants valued the ability to configure the payment experience specifically for their own customers.

“We’d like to get to a closed loop payment system where we can introduce loyalty rewards and payment bands”


“We keep a close eye on what’s out there, but it takes effort and cost to build it ourselves”


An array of product and service innovations

With merchant appetite for innovation in mind, we designed solutions that play to Westpac’s strengths while working with - not against - smaller and more nimble fintech offerings in market.

Aligning leadership around a clear vision helped Westpac to accelerate decisions about investment, acquisition and partnerships.

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